Steering Committee Members

The Steering Committee consists of the chief executive officers from the six highest contributing members and up to six chief executive officers of other members. The Steering Committee meets at least two times per year and strives to reach decisions by consensus.


Name Title Member Organization
and/or Denomination
Mr. Louis Barbarin Executive Director, MMBB American Baptist Churches
Ms. Barbara A. Boigegrain General Secretary and CEO Wespath Benefits and Investments
Mr. Brian Bodager President and CEO Pension Boards - United Church
of Christ
Dr. O. S. Hawkins President and CEO Southern Baptist Convention
Annuity Board
Mr. Jeffrey Jenness President Board of Pensions of the
Church of God
Mr. John M. Preis President and CEO YMCA Retirement Fund /
Young Men’s Christian Association
Br. Michael F. Quirk, FSC President and CEO Christian Brothers Services
Mr. James F. Sanft President and CEO Concordia Plan Services /
Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
Mr. Mitchell J. Smilowitz CEO Joint Retirement Board for
Conservative Judaism
Rev. Frank C. Spencer President and Chief Executive Board of Pensions /
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
Rev. Jeffrey Thiemann President and CEO Portico Benefit Services /
Evangelical Lutheran Church
in America
Ms. Mary Kate Wold President Church Pension Group /
Episcopal Church